18 Gym – a new location in the Hexagon Offices complex

Hexagon Offices, the building of the future, designed according to the highest standards of quality and functional design, located on 178K Calea Turzii, is preparing for the big grand opening, this spring. The development of the construction is evolving at a rapid pace, the building with a surface of over 25,000 sqm being in the final stage of completion of 80%. The new vibrant location in which both the building’s tenants and the neighborhood residents will benefit from its complex facilities, is designed to support the saying of “there is life after work”. For this reason, Hexagon Offices benefits from an exceptional collaboration with its partners that highlight the benefits of the facilities offered to tenants and residents in the vicinity, to carry out their daily work.

From the fitness room to the restaurant, Hexagon Offices has it all. That’s why we’re glad to announce one of our partners, who, starting with the grand opening of the building, will provide you the place from where you leave full of energy and motivation, the place where you come smiling, but the most important, the place that brings you satisfaction regarding the visible transformations of your body.

18 The Gym Fitness Club, founded by Alexandra and Vlad Ronea, is the fitness room that, with the opening of the Hexagon Offices building, will meet the needs of any lover of active lifestyle. Alexandra and Vlad, veterans in sports activities with an experience of over 15 years, describe their work through love for sports. “We are the family that loves sport. We love to bring change in our client’s lives, to teach them what an active lifestyle means, and to motivate them to achieve the desired results” they confess. Therefore, five fitness gyms operate in the cities as Târgu Mureş, Cluj-Napoca and Braşov.

In addition to the two fitness gyms in Marasti and Cipariu, 18 Gym will be available to everyone inside the Hexagon Offices building. The decision to open a fitness center within the complex, to the detriment of other buildings of this type in Cluj-Napoca, is based on the common priority that Hexagon Offices and 18 Gym have, namely, the welfare of the clients. In addition to this, the importance of having a fitness center within a large building, where many customers will have access to a change in a healthy lifestyle direction is considerable, 18 Gym being in an ongoing development, which also led to the choice of the office complex on Calea Turzii 178K.

Hexagon Offices will therefore have a 1,000 sqm fitness room with TechnoGym equipment. The clients will benefit of special packages with Personal Trainer subscriptions to the Back to FIT program and Group Class subscriptions to the XtremeFIT Revolutionary Training Program as well as body-specific consultations analysis for each client’s goal. At the same time, guests can also enjoy relaxation packages, such as sauna, Yoga classes or meditation. With the help of international certified personal trainers, each client will be able to take part in group training, starting with the early hours of the morning and also during the lunch break. Also, if they can not attend the gym classes, they can benefit from the on-line training program so keeping their body in shape will be constant.

                                        Image Credit: Manopera.com

In addition to all the benefits listed above, 18 Gym confesses that the differentiating elements compared to other fitness gyms in Cluj-Napoca are concentrated in the form of a complex and well-defined concept. This concept includes advice from the best coaches, a diet plan for each person’s objective, body measurements, group classes with dynamic and varied training, and last but not least a very welcoming location. “We strongly believe in the strength of our customers, to overcome their limits and performance. If it is sometimes difficult for them to acquire what they have proposed, 18 Gym Fitness Club has been created for this reason, to help with answers and to solve the problems of each client ” confesses 18 Gym team.

In the end, 18 Gym has a long-term  evolution oriented vision. Thus, from a business point of view, they want the development of the franchise system and the expansion of the team. In addition, an innovation in the offered programs, as well as the transformation of over 2000 lifestyles, are the objectives that 18 Gym wants to achieve this year.

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