BEHIND THE KÉSZ PROJECTS – Rehabilitation of St. Michael’s Cathedral in Cluj-Napoca

Hexagon Offices is the first investment of the KÉSZ group in Romania worth over 20 million Euro. The BREEAM certified building, with an area of ​​over 25,000sq m and 1600 workspaces, is just one of KÉSZ’s major projects in Cluj-Napoca.

Thanks to the wide portfolio of services, KÉSZ is one of the most determinant companies of the Romanian construction market and an important actor in various fields as industrial, commercial or rehabilitation. The KÉSZ Romania team is constantly prepared for major challenges or task in the field in which it operates, for which it assumes the great responsibility to carry out the rehabilitation project of the St. Michael’s Church, one of the most important historical monuments of Cluj-Napoca.

The concept of historical monument covers not only the isolated architectural work, but also the rural or urban ensemble in which the testimony of a particular civilization, significant development or historical event, is found. Conservation and restoration of monuments must appeal to all the science and technology that can contribute to the study and protection of architectural heritage. The KÉSZ team fully respects the principles set forth in the International Charter on the Conservation and Restoration of Historical Monuments, “building on knowledge”.



The Church of St. Michael will undergo a process of intense rehabilitation, enjoying a complete structural rehabilitation. Starting with the refurbishment of the building’s appearance, namely with the cleaning of more than 10,000sq m of stone, the construction for the symbol of Cluj continues with the partial change of the roof structure. Among other things, stone walls will be restored and    preserved, structural cracks injected, electrical networks and interior lighting will also be changed.

The surprise element of this complex rehabilitation process is the church tower. The neo-gothic building, with a height of 80 m, will receive an internal steel staircase that will allow tourists to visit the monument permanently and safely, thus ensuring a special attraction to the historical center of Cluj-Napoca.

It is a great honor for us that we have been appointed to carry out this project with a huge responsibility. We will execute this work according to our best knowledge. Moreover, our mission is to create an exceptional experience for the inhabitants of Cluj-Napoca by offering superior quality services and modern, state-of-the-art production facilities with increased complexity, where our accumulated knowledge and added value can be highlighted effectively. In this way we can respond in a responsible manner to the most serious requests, we can overcome the expectations entrusted by the beneficiaries and we can create the most beautiful experiences.

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