Five reasons for choosing Hexagon Offices

A Romanian proverb says that a tree is known by its fruits and a man by its deeds. In a modern interpretation: choices define us. What we choose to do or any decision we take in our lives, comes to represent us. Even when it comes to choose an office space, whether it’s about choosing the first office or expanding or restricting a business, the decision itself, as exciting as it may be, it can also be stressful, energy, financialy and time consuming.

Find out that there are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind before you launch in this demanding action. To ease your work we created this material to help take the right decision.

Here are five reasons why you should choose the Hexagon Office building for your next office space:

Modern interior design

The common areas of Hexagon Offices are the perfect example of coherent and flowing interior design. Made of mostly wood, glass and metal with accents of raw concrete used throughout all areas, the chromatic scale and materials have been chosen to both provide an exclusive and modern experience as well as to reflect our owner’s core expertise – premium construction work. At the same time, we offer support in interior design, meaning that we are here to support tenants from all points of view, offering, on request, interior design services – consulting and execution – at KÉSZ quality standards. The chromatic range plays also a very important role. Therefore, the use of yellow interior design elements, offers both an exclusive and modern experience and also has the role of creating a great mood within the building’s perimeter.

Class A offices spaces

The Hexagon Offices building offers “A” class office spaces that can accommodate up to 1,600 workspaces. Among the many advantages of these offices: the branding of interior office design, state-of-the-art air conditioning and ventilation facilities, excellent internal infrastructure, natural light and many more, there is also the option of traditional or agile compartmentalization. Agile layouts are a considerable competitive advantage for office spaces, as they allow for custom compartmentalization according to the client’s needs and can accommodate up to 30% more working stations in the same area, while maintaining a comfortable and productive setting for all employees. Moreover, all office spaces will be rented in accordance with the international BOMA measurement standards.

Dedicated event area

Following the same principle of the buildings of the future, we are dedicated to development in a responsible way. Thus, one of the most important facility available to all those who spend time in the perimeter of the building, are the conference rooms perfectly adaptable to all types of events, both private and public.

High mobility

The Hexagon Offices building is located on one of the main artery of Cluj-Napoca, Calea Turzii 178K, with excellent road visibility. At the same time the building is very accessible. You can reach the complex both by public transportation (there is a bus stop right in front of the building) as well as by private car.  Hexagon Offices has a total of 416 parking spaces and related to the rentable surface, we obtain a parking space for each 40sqm rented. Also, we encourage bicycle riding not only by offering bicycle parking, but also by building related facilities as lockers and showers. Thus, we offer the full comfort to those who opt for this environmentally friendly way of transport. Last but not least, we are highly committed to green technologies as a way to contribute responsibly to our society, which is why our building is equipped with 5 electric car charging stations.

Extended leisure facilities

Our promise at Hexagon Offices is to offer an experience of quality, which is why the building is designed to offer practical features and effortless transit facilities across the premises, for all our tenants. Thus, the building offers an enjoyable work environment and it’s also a place where our tenants can do mainly of their daily activities and spend their free time. The premises of the building are equipped with spacious outdoor terraces for common use which encourage socialization, a large, fast-serving international restaurant, a retail area on the ground floor, coffee shop and a fitness area. Hexagon Offices also aims to revitalize Calea Turzii area for all the surrounding neighborhoods (Bună Ziuna, Zorilor and Europa), which will benefit from having a new vibrant location for daily activities close to their homes.

So, these are the best reasons to choose Hexagon Offices as the new office of your business. Facing the future, the opening of the business complex on Calea Turzii means the revitalization of this transit area and the possibility of its future development by attracting new buildings in the vicinity, as well as new investments.


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