Hexagon Offices


Functional key points

Our promise at Hexagon Offices is to offer an experience of quality, which is why the building itself is designed to offer practical features and effortless transit facilities across the premises, for all our tenants, thus contributing to creating an enjoyable work environment. Therefore, Hexagon Offices has:
• Regular floors of 1000 sqm and 2350 sqm
• Clear space / pillar-free internal infrastructure
• Leasable units starting with 300 sqm
• 2 lobbies and fast vertical connections
• Short walking distances
• Parking ratio 1/40

Class A interior design

The interior design of the common areas combines cohesively and effortlessly base materials such as wood, metal, glass and raw concrete, which are all elements that indirectly speak for our vision – classic quality that never goes out of style.
The chromatic scale and materials have been chosen to both provide an exclusive and modern experience as well as to reflect our owner’s core expertise – premium construction work.

Flexible office space

We offer both traditional and innovative agile layouts. Agile layouts are a considerable competitive advantage for office spaces, as they allow for custom compartmentalisation according to the client’s needs and can accommodate up to 30% more working stations in the same area, while maintaining a comfortable and productive setting for all employees.

All office spaces are to be leased in accordance with BOMA space measuring.

Office space types:
• Mixed offices (open and single office)
• Open space offices
• Single offices

Extra custom modules

All three office types above may be equipped, at our tenant’s request, with the following modules:
• Team room
• Single office
• Open space
• Meeting rooms
• Tea kitchen
• Storage / archive / copy area

Interior design support

We, at Hexagon Offices are here to support and accommodate our tenants in all aspects, which is why we offer (on request) interior design services – consulting and execution – at KESZ quality standards.

Latest generation technical installations

Latest generation technical installations – we incorporate high standard technical installations to provide a pleasant, safe and healthy work environment for our tenants. In addition, another advantage of these installations is the fact that they significantly reduce maintenance costs.

• BMS- Building management system
• Back-up generator for common areas
• Smoke/Fire detectors and Sprinkler system
• Great Cear Heights
• High load-bearing floor capacity
• Controled Access
• 24/7 Facility management
• International Property management
• CCTV/Video Surveilance

Parking space & electric car charging station

• 416 parking spaces (indoor + outdoor)
• office parking ratio 1/40
• 5 electric car charging stations
• bicycle parking