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Hexagon Offices & Apartments

Technical Information


  • concrete wall-frame structure with waffle slabs
  • ventilated facade with ceramic tiles, and composite panel bond type, curtain wall
  • 9 open terraces at floors 1, 2, 4, and 9


  • ultra-modern BMS system (full mechanical, electrical and electromechanical monitoring services)
  • automated monitoring of power consumption, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, chiller equipments, physical access control, CTA, pumping stations, elevators, VCV and lights.


  • centralised heating system through condensation boilers
  • chillers & VCV cooling system
  • ventilation system across the entire building


  • stoppered bars distribution system for each tenant’s electrical panel
  • two power supply transformers
  • generator equipment & UPS to ensure workflow continuity
  • LED lighting


  • full option fire safety system through sprinklers and fire hydrants
  • pressurisation system, visible evacuation plans and easy-access evacuation routes
  • optical smoke detectors
  • full-building CCTV surveillance system
  • full-building controlled access


  • fully certified equipments for reduced CO2 emissions
  • the building will be BREEAM Excellent Certified